Welcome to the campaign!

Homepage for the “Not So Heroic” campaign.

System: 13th Age

Setting: Eberron

Style: Scoundrels

House rules:
Critical hits and fumbles are expanded on the fly to have additional effects.
Characters may leave spell slots, talent slots, or backgrounds blank at the inception of the campaign, and may fill them in through gameplay. The One Unique Thing must be filled in.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a foodstuff to the game. Pizza, sides, and soda are high priority items.

Gold and Consumables: As of GenCon2013, the players have leather bags with their character names on the draw strings, to hold gold pieces and consumables. All coins are worth 1GP, any gems, rings, necklaces, etc are worth 25gp. Potion tokens (and soon rune tokens!) are what they look like. For odd-ball consumables, I may make some cardboard chips to write on.