Not So Heroic

Sailing to Icewhite Island

Airship purchased, off to Icewhite for a dragonshard!

The party begins by signing a contract to purchase a decomissioned airship from a junkyard outside Sharn. They sign the contract of purchase, pooling saved money to buy the airship. The contract of sale is verified by the Koemi d’Sivis. Geroldt d’Deneith places a entry ward over the ship to keep any would-be robbers and squatters out, creating a circle of small animal bones with chalk lines to each entryway. They decide to name their new vessel the Fire Falcon. The ship needs a main dragonshard to be skyworthy, which they decide to try to find on Icewhite Island.

The party sails their airship like a mundane vessle down the Dagger River to Cliffside in Sharn. They see the mighty cruise galleon, Adelia Mighty, but do not recognize any of the high society guests getting off the ship. There they walk in on a labor dispute, with two groups of workers (one human and one goblin) and not enough work for the both of them. Kitana walks between the ruffians, and past the ogre (Named “Biggums”) guarding the ship, to speak to Lady Wildrose. She explains that both crews are needy for work, and are willing to fight each other for it. Kitana tries to explain the situation, that they are looking for a crew as well, and does convince the humans. However, the goblin’s shaky Common causes them to interpret the happy expressions of the human workers as a decision not in their own favor. Geroldt, having been associated with the goblin mercenaries of House Denith, speaks some High Goblin language. A few barked military commands convince all but one of the goblins to fall into line. One charges the human crew, and is intercepted by Durin Ironbeard. Geroldt leads the goblins to the Fire Falcon to paint it and get set up, and the others head to market for tundra supplies.

In the shop of Em Ironbeard, the enthusiastic shopkeeper sells them a variety of coats, blankets, travel rations, and ice picks to help them on their journey. He warns them of the manifest zones of Risia, the Plane of Ice. These areas are filled with supernatural cold and are particularly dangerous. He recommends hiring a guide. He also tells of the six-legged elk, the Ontang.

The next morning they set sail for the 7-day journey to Icewhite Island to prospect for dragonshards. Along the way, while passing through Manta Bay, a Lightning Manta jumps out of the water and lands on the deck, throwing lightning bolts, but it is subdued by the crew.

On the fourth night, with Vult and The Lantern bright in the sky, the crew are awakened by a tortured, laughing scream. They get abovedecks and see a horde of Joker Fish, twisted dolfins with a maw too wide and teeth too large, with three tongues each tipped with an un-earthly eye. They appear intent to ram the ship and devour the contents. Geroldt sets up a quick shield ritual over the ship, coating the ship in a layer of ice, an manages to finish the spell before the abominations arrive. Some crossbow fire and ice spells batter down the pod of aberrant sea-beasts, and only a few strike true and ram the ship, cracking the ice layer. Geroldt casts his Corpse Explosion spell, and one of the bodies bloats and swells, putrifying and rotting at an incredible rate, and explodes, sending shards of bone and tooth shrapnel into the remaining Joker Fish. The ship is saved, and the necromancer hauls one of the corpses up to harvest for spell components. One of the tongues is cut out and rolls on the floor, but does not move it’s fixed gaze from directly in the Karrnathi mage’s eyes.

The party arrives in Icehaven Port, seeing a viking crew hauling a killed beast to port, a massive, four eyed tentacled creature, which can emit clouds of stinging jellyfish-like spawn, the Cephalos Broodqueen. Kitana finds her way to the House Lyrandar station, finding a single Korovar woman who is clearly miserable. Her name is Annabelle d’Lyrandar, who has been banished by the house for a mistake she is loathe to name. Her desire for warmth is palpable, as well as her desire for an eligible bachelor. Kitana gives her a pair of crafted gloves, sized for an elven woman rather than the brutish gloves she was forced to wear. This causes Annabelle to part with some information: House Thrashk is not the only prospectors in town, two miles to the east is the shack of Durdane Wayfinder, who may be able to help.


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