Geroldt d'Deneith

Geroldt, Karrnathi Necromancer


Tiefling Necromancer 1
One Unique Thing: Unbeknownst to me, my parents dallied with the Daelkyr, and I am the fruit of their union.


  • Karrnathi Necromancer-Lieutenant +5
  • Dragonmarked scion of a minor noble house +3


  • King Kaius (complicated)
  • House Deneith (complicated)
  • Cults of the Dragon Below (negative)

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 14

AC: 13
PD: 13
MD: 15

HP: 24
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Value: d6+2


  • Infernal Heritage (Sorcerer)
  • Undead Servitors (as ranger Animal Companion, requires corpse)
  • Counterspell


  • Shield
  • Ray of frost
  • Corpse explosion (as Color spray, +1 target)
  • Turn undead (Cleric)
  • Utility spell


  • Weapon proficiency: simple weapons

Items: Light armor, Short sword, Dagger, Baton, Spellbook, Enchanted Jawbone


He is the scion of a minor noble house with a respectable history of military service, that recently married into House Deneith (his mother bears a dragonmark).

He was initially training as a physician, until he proved to have a knack for magic and was whisked off to the School of 12. By the end of the war, Karrnath was in dire need of reinforcements and was forcing the School to train war-wizards, especially necromancers. Like most Karrnathi, he sees the use of necromancy as a necessary practice that saved many living soldiers who otherwise would have died on the front lines (though of course there is a certain core of people who are ardently against it).

The family had gained some measure of repute in military circles for its efforts during the war, but its rising star was stopped by a certain Countess, who spread rumors that the family owed its success to dark bargains under a full moon and dallying with demons and worse. These whispered suggestions were enough to stunt the family’s presence at court, and they fell out of favor. His father died soon afterwards, in a valiant raid on the enemy lines, possibly in a last attempt to regain the family’s glory.

King Kaius has been quite supportive of the Necromancers who served him during the war, and Geroldt hopes to return both to Karrnath and to the king’s service. Geroldt knows that Necromancers are hardly a welcome sight outside of Karrnath, and since the end of the war, he has found himself adrift, without purpose. He worries that without the immediate necessity of the war, the anti-Necromancer faction may ultimately sway public opinion.

He hopes to see the world, and one day to settle down, perhaps to once again pursue his studies as a physician. He secretly dreams of finding the secret to eternal life, but that will have to wait. A travelling wizard-even a Necromancer-can find no end of odd jobs and petty concerns to occupy himself with. Aboard an airship, where the needs of cargo put space at a premium, supplies for repairs are extremely limited. This means the Mending cantrip can make even the lowliest wizard’s apprentice worth his weight in gold, at least while the ship is aloft.

As an heir, he has stayed somewhat peripheral to the house’s politics thus far, as most members of House Deneith put their trust a good sword-arm over a spell caster. Because he has not yet joined one of Deneith’s mercenary companies, he has not made a large name for himself in the guild.

Geroldt d'Deneith

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