Kitana is a Companion who travels with the crew of the Fire Falcon


Kitana “Kit”
Half-elf Rogue Level 1

Having a Giant Worm Betwixt Her Thighs +5 (World-class Expert)
Hunger Games +3 (May the odds be ever in your favor)
My Daddy is a king +0 (Hail to the king, baby)
My Daddy is an elf +0 (Nobody cares)
My Mommy is a whore +0 (Nobody cares)

Icon Relationships:
Haughty Elves (Conflicted, but mostly disapproving)
Half-elves (Mixed, of course)
Zombie Elves (Braaaiiins)

Elfin sword (The “Kitana-Katana,” if you will)
Short bow (Pew pew)
Reinforced Battle Corset (Moderate protection, excellent support)
Beauty supplies (Rogue Rouge, because you’re worth it)
A small airship shuttle or ship’s boat that can piggy-back on larger ships, on loan from your good friend Captain Mal

Money: Lots



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