Adla, Beauty's Mirror

This small circlet makes others react to you as though you belong


Adla is a heroic tier magic circlet with the following benefits:

+1 to Mental Defence

While wearing this circlet, in regular social situations, you appear to others as someone who belongs there. You easily fit in with new groups of people, unless there is some particular reason for others to be suspicious. The circlet has no power in unusual social situations.

Quirk: Want to be looked at, all the time


Adla is passed down in royal courts, often to those who have the hardest time learning proper ways of socializing. It is great at reading crowds, and has been used in that capacity by kings and nobles of times past. It’s greatest joy is others looking at its wielder, and encourages them to be as social and beautiful as possible. The circlet is polished silver

Attuning to Adla requires on to speak it’s command word, or become the center of attention.

Adla, Beauty's Mirror

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