Anull, Diadem of the Blind Eternities

This magic crown is infused with the energy of the Void


Anull is an Champion tier magic headgear with the following properties:

Chakra: head

+1 to mental defense

(recharge 11+), as a quick action, you can simply cease to exist. You vanish from your current location for the duration of one round. You cannot attack or be attacked, or effect the world in any way. You return to your previous location at the beginning of your next turn, or to the nearest unoccupied location if that is occupied.

Quirk: You have a “thousand-yard stare” even when focused and engaged


Anull is a magic artifact infused with the power of the Void, the empty place between planes. It is neither the chaos of Kythri, the blackness of Mabar, nor the madness of Xoriat. It is simply nothing. Anull is a bejeweled crown of silver, with a large gemstone inset.

To attune to Anull, you must “Become one with nothingness”.

Anull, Diadem of the Blind Eternities

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