Belt of Kings

The Belt of Kings is a dwarven girdle constructed of hardened leather inlaid with gold, silver, and previous gems. The belt's buckle in engraved with the skull of a fierce half-man in the center of a field of red flames.


The Belt of Kings is a Epic-tier magical belt with the following benefits:

Chakra: belt

+3 number of recoveries

You gain the Background Friend of Dwarves +4

Should the the belt be pilfered and summarily worn, all dwarves viewing the artifact will know it was stolen and do whatever they can to retrieve it.

All non-magical missiles fired at the wearer unerringly strike the artifact’s buckle, inflicting no damage to the wearer.

The belt allows the wearer to move normally if attacked by web, hold, or slow spells or effects.

Wearing the belt enhances the battle savvy of the character, granting you the Background Tactics of the Dwarven Kings +4

The belt wearer may is proficient with any weapon they choose to fight with. The possessor of the Belt of Kings has the accumulated experience of more than 40 centuries of dwarven kings to draw upon.

Curse-Should the possessor of the Belt of Kings ever unjustly take the life of a dwarf, the artifact will constrict to a diameter of only a few inches, crushing the wearer to death. If the guilty party somehow survives of is returned to life, the subsequent owner of the Belt of Kings will think of nothing but killing the previous owner. This cycle will continue until the dwarven killer is dead.


Belt of Kings

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