Bloodmantle, the Cloak of Flesh

This heavy cape is made of living flesh


Bloodmantle is a adventurer tier cloak with the following benefits

+1 to Physical Defence

(quick action- recharge 16+) You heal using a recovery and add +4 hp to the total.

Quirk: You eat like a pig, but always look thin, even emaciated.


Bloodmantle is a symbiont, a creation of the Daelkyr, a magical, aberrant “beneficial” parasite. It appears at first to be a thick tasseled cape made of soft, flexible leather. however, if one examines closely, the cape is not worn, but rather attaches to the host around the neck and shoulders. It is made of living flesh, skin, and muscle, not leather. It stores a quantity of blood inside itself, which it transfuses into its host when the host is injured. The tassels are small cilia that grab insects or small animals on the floor and move them into the tiny maws in the underside of the cape.

Attuning to Bloodmantle requires allowing it to attach to you, and then letting it drink a pint of your blood. The process causes you to lose one recovery until your next full heal up.

Bloodmantle, the Cloak of Flesh

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