Boots of Ass Kicking

These magic boots supercharge your lust for combat


the Boots of Ass Kicking are an adventurer-tier pair of magic boots with the following:

+1 to disengage checks or other checks involving fancy footwork

When you charge a foe, you deal +1d6 damage, hit or miss.

If you choose, you can eschew weapons altogether. Your fists and feet now count as first-rank weapons, dealing the same damage as a one-handed weapon for your class. The do not, however, gain any bonus to hit or damage like a magic weapon would.

Quirk: combativeness. “Let’s kick that guy’s ass!”


The origin of the Boots of Ass-Kicking is lost to time. Some say they were created by Dol Dorn, given the diety’s love of competition, chaos, and battle. They never really stay put long enough for one to find out. These rugged looking leather boots circulate among the adventurer crowd, particularly in barfights. Those who have the boots will mark their victories with notches in the boot leather. These disappear when the boots change owners.

Attuning to the Boots of Ass-Kicking requires only that you best their current owner in combat, which can be anything from arm-wrestling, to a bar brawl, to a sword duel, to full-scale war. Killing them is not necessary, only defeating them. The Boots will unlace and abandon their former owner and bond to you. If you are ever defeated, the same will happen to you.

Boots of Ass Kicking

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