Cogbane, Destroyer of Machines

This ordinary looking club holds natures vengeance

weapon (melee)

Cogbane is a heroic tier +1 magic club with the following properties:

+1 to attack rolls

+1 to damage

Attacks against constructs (including warforged) have crit range expanded by 3. Any damage resistance they posses is neglected.

You can destroy any unattended machine with one good swing.

Quirk: your skin welts when exposed to metal


Cogbane was built by druids, resenting the incursion of technology on nature, particularly that of Cannith. It hates machines with a burning ,deep, unquenchable fire. It’s wants press on the wielder like a heavy weight, and reward him with a euphoric sensation when its wants are met.

Attuning to Cogbane requires one to discard all metal they carry, and smash a piece of advanced technology.

Cogbane, Destroyer of Machines

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