Dalibor, Helm of the Wild Hunt

This stag-antler helm is infused with the magic of wild nature


Dalibor is an adventurer-tier helmet that provides the following:

Chakra: head

+1 Mental Defense


(recharge 6+) When your turn starts, roll a save against one ongoing save ends effect. Use the recharge roll immediately after you use the power instead of during your next quick rest.

Quirk: Small animals are drawn to you.


Dalibor is a helm made from the antlers of a mighty bull elk. It has passed down through the hands of many Wardens of the Wood in service of High Druid Oalian.

Attuning to Dalibor requires one to hunt and slay a game animal, then eat it’s flesh. All of it.

Dalibor, Helm of the Wild Hunt

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