Deluva, the Tidebinder

This pendant can control the waves and waters


Deluva is an adventurer tier magic necklace with the following properties:

+1 to saves when you have 10 hp or fewer

You can breathe underwater for a short time, usually around five minutes. The effect wears off slowly, so you have a warning to get to the surface.

You can quiet waves with a motion of the hands that resembles massaging the ocean. You can make the waves froth and churn with a motion that resembles tickling. You can cause waves in a particular direction with a gesture that resembles a gentle push. You can part shallow water (five or less feet deep) with a gesture like opening a door.

Quirk: you lose your appetite for all but seafood


Deluva is a pendant with a single blue pearl, and smells of the sea. Deluva was created by a merfolk princess who fell in love with a human, and gave it to him that they might be together. Deluva only wishes land-dwellers to appreciate the sea.

Attuning to Deluva requires “being held in the ocean’s embrace”

Deluva, the Tidebinder

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