Evermarch, Greaves of Dol Dorn

The boots of the god of war, Dol Dorn


Evermarch is a set of epic tier magic greaves with the following benefits:

Chakra: feet

+3 to disengage checks and other checks involving fancy footwork.

You can march at normal marching speed through literally any terrain or obstacle. Backroad? Salt marsh? Quicksand? Mountains? Wild ocean? Hurricane? Lava? Deluge of elemental energy? All provide no more resistance to your movement than a well-maintained military road. You are immune to any movement-effecting aspects of terrain, but not to damage effects (such as cuts, burns, flying debris, etc)

You can extend this power to anyone nearby and subordinate to you.

Quirk: You walk and talk in a military manner, always. “Forward, march!”


These metal grieves hum with divine energy, the boots of the god of war himself, Dol Dorn. Large metal plates cover up to the knee, decorated with divine imagery. Evermarch allows war to march on, always.

If you ever even come into contact with these boots, clearly Dol Dorn has seen it fit that you bear them. If the god of war has not seen it fit, contact with them could be deadly.

Evermarch, Greaves of Dol Dorn

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