Eyork, Spirit of the Polar Bear

The spirit of the greatest of all polar bears


Eyork is a heroic tier spirit item, with the following benefits:

Chakra: hands

(recharge 11+) When you roll a natural 16+ with your first melee attack during your turn while wielding a weapon in your off-hand, make a melee attack with the weapon in your off-hand as a free action, using +10 as your attack bonus

Eyork can be consulted on matters that a polar bear would be knowledgeable about, such as finding prey or shelter in an arctic environment.

Quirk: Ferocity. “Mercy and patience will only get you killed. Strike now, while he is weak.”


Eyork is the spirit of the polar bear. He embodies the ferocity of the hunters of the north. Those who are attuned ot Eyork will manifest their connection as white patches of fur on the backs of their hands, and black pads on the palms.

The spirit is presently attuned to Gau, via events prior to campaign start.

Eyork, Spirit of the Polar Bear

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