Fiendhymn, Axe of Fell Anthems

This magic axe is infused with dark music

weapon (melee)

Fiendhymn is a +2 cruel battleaxe that provides the following benefits.

Chakra: weapon

Fiendhymn can be wielded in one or two hands

+2 to hit on attack rolls

+2 to damage

Ability to speak Abyssal language, and sing Abyssal music. Fiendhymn acts as a musical instrument.

(recharge 6+): When damage from this weapon leaves an enemy with 40 hit points or fewer, you deal +10 damage to it.

Quirk: Screams sound like music. Sweet, sweet music


An artifact of a lost time, Fiendhymn was once wielded by the demonic battledrivers of the Age of Demons. It is an axe apparently made from devil’s bone, but is harder than steel. When swinging the axe, one hears fragments of a melody in bits and pieces. As one grows further attuned to Fiendhymn, more and more of its music reveals itself.

Attuning to Fiendhymn requires one to “play the symphony of suffering”

Fiendhymn, Axe of Fell Anthems

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