Gamble, the Luckblade

This broad-bladed dagger feels incredibly light in your hand. It promises fortune and thrills aplenty.

weapon (melee)

Gamble is an adventurer tier magic dagger with the following benefits:

Chakra: weapon

+2 to attack rolls
+2 to damage
+1 on any roll that involves a wager or game of chance. This bonus increases to +2 if Gamble is part of the wager.

Quirk: Gamble compels its wielder to stop calculating and to start taking more risks. Seek thrills, embrace chaos, luck and fortune.

Property: Attacks made by and against you have their crit range increased by one.

Property: Gamble inevitably makes its way back to its owner, unless it is lost as a wager in a game of chance.

Power (Encounter): Free Action. Roll two dice on your next skill check, attack roll, or save, and take the higher of the two rolls.
Curse (Daily): Activated by the DM. Can only be used if Gamble’s encounter power was used since the last extended rest. Roll two dice instead, and take the roll of the DM’s choice.


Gamble rested on Jarn Blacktooth’s hip through every thrill-seeking risk the bandit took. A notorious outlaw, Jarn never calculated when he could trust fate. A chaotic life resulted. Jarn experienced dizzying highs (he once bluffed a small army into surrender when he was outnumbered ten to one) and crushing setbacks (being tortured for four years in the king’s dungeons).
The bandit’s fortunes rose for him but seemed to rise just as high for his foes. Jarn died in a bar-room fight that began when he found someone cheating at cards. Gamble changed owners and continues changing owners, resting on the table at gambling pits throughout the world.

Attuning to Gamble requires winning it in a game of chance. Freeing one’s self of gamble requires losing it in a game of chance.


Gamble, the Luckblade

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