Gheno, Robes of the 99

These patchwork robes shield your mind


Gheno is a set of +1 robes with the follwing benefits:

Chakra: armor

+1 AC

+1 Mental Defense

Quirk: Generosity. “Come now, child. You know that pitiable man needs that money more than you do.”


Gheno began as an ordinary set of monk’s robes. It has been worn by each of The 99, an order of monks, wizards, clerics, and other such folk dedicated to doing good, loosely associated with their Brelish roots. After being passed down through the generations, a little bit of magic from each of them has rubbed off on it, collected from the various Mending spells that have held it together, washings with holy water, and being bathed in meditative magical energy. It slowly awakened, and seeks only to help others do good, regardless of the tools they use to achieve it.

Gheno only bonds to those “poor in gold but rich in spirit”

Gheno, Robes of the 99

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