Laera, Pendant of the Weeping Seraph

This magic necklace is charged with an angel's compassion


Laera is a magic pendant with the following properties:

Chakra: necklace

+1 to saves when you have 10HP or fewer

You gain a +5 bonus to death saves, if failure would kill you. You also gain a +5 bonus to last gasp saves.

You can speak in the Supernal language.

Quirk: You cannot stand to see others suffer. Laera urges you to stand up for the downtrodden, no matter the cost to your safety, assuring you that she will watch over you.


Laera is an artifact form Syrania, the Azure Sky, forged by angels. It appears as a silver pendant adorned with many tiny feathers, with a blue stone like a teardrop in its center. It’s only mission is to help those who cannot help themselves, to prevent suffering, and be a part of great deeds.

Only a selfless act of sacrifice and heroism will convince Laera you are worthy to attune to it. Likewise, an act of great selfishness or cruelty will cause her to abandon you, transforming into a dove and flying away toward a more worthy bearer.

This item was found in the belly of an Ice Wurm by Kitana during session 2: Fortress of the Ice Dwarves. She has yet to attune to it.

Laera, Pendant of the Weeping Seraph

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