Lion-Spider Shield

This shield is decorated with a lion's head with eight spider legs extending outwards from it.


This is one of the last remnants of an ancient, extinct cult to a demon known as the Lion-Spider.

  • Bite: Once per encounter the lion head may be commanded to bite, attacking as a weapon that deals 2d6 damage per level.
  • Skitter: When not being worn, the shield extends its spidery legs and may amble about. The shield takes a move that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • Spider Climb (Daily): Lasts for one encounter.
  • The wearer’s movement is unaffected by magical webs or the webs of giant spiders.
  • Quirk: The character’s personality shifts to become more duplicitous and predatory.
  • Domination: If the character becomes dominated by the Shield (as a result of carrying too many items), the ancient faith reawakens inside the bearer and he or she sets out to found a new cult to the Lion-Spider.
  • Bonding: To bond with this item, the character must slay a helpless creature.

Lion-Spider Shield

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