Orchard's Blessing, Sprout of Oalian

This staff of living cherry wood has great power over plants


Orchard’s Blessing is a +2 magic staff with the following benefits

Chakra: implement

+2 to spell attack rolls

+2 to spell damage

You can speak to plants and plant-based creatures fluently.

Each time it is planted in fertile earth overnight, Orchard’s Blessing grows one cherry blossom. These are used to activate it’s power to grow plants to maturity almost instantly. The larger the final plant (or group of plants), the more blossoms are expended. It can hold up to five at a time. The power also works on non-crop plants, and can create a zone of entangling vegitation in a combat situation.

  • 1 Blossom: grow an onion to maturity
  • 2 Blossoms: grow a watermelon to maturity, or enough vegetables for a meal.
  • 3 Blossoms: grow a raspberry patch to maturity, or a small garden worth of vegetables
  • 4 Blossoms: Grow an apple tree to maturity, or a large garden of vegetables.
  • 5 Blossoms: Grow a massive redwood tree to maturity, or a small farmed field, or a single magical/extra-planar plant.

When used, the blossoms develop into large cherries. They can be eaten to restore one hit point, and their pits act as magical sling stones, which expand crit range by 1.

Quirk: Compassion for plants.


Orchard’s Blessing is a cherrywood staff made of living wood, with small twigs, leaves, and pink blossoms growing around the staff head. When it’s powers to grow plants are manifested, the blossoms bloom and grow into large cherries. The pits of the cherries are the Stones of Oalian, and count as magical ammunition. High Druid Oalian is an oak tree, but once every hundred years, he creates seeds of many different species. Each is carefully tended by the Wardens of the Wood. Orchard’s Blessing is made from the tree grown from one of the seeds.

Only with the approval of Oalian himself could one hope to attune to the Orchard’s Blessing

Orchard's Blessing, Sprout of Oalian

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