Pneuma, the Ghastly Sabre

A ghostly blade emerges from the bejeweled sword hilt.

weapon (melee)

Pneuma is a +1 magic short sword with the following benefits:

Chakra: weapon

+1 to attack rolls
+1 to damage

Pneuma’s blade retreats when not in use, and appears to be an ordinary sword hilt. Pneuma can replicate the heft and feel of any weapon, but prefers the form of a short sword, sabre, or rapier.

expanded crit range by 2 (natural 18) against incorporeal foes, including wraiths, ghosts, will o’ wisps, and some elementals.

Quirk: You try to bite off more than you can chew, in combat, always seeking greater foes and challenges.


Pneuma was forged from the hilt of a mighty sabre shattered in battle. The bits of blade, stained long by the blood of many deaths, rendered up bits and pieces of the spirits that had been liberated by it. A Karnnathi necromancer bound the spirits killed by the mighty blade into an edge of pure spiritual energy, longing for battle.

Attuning to Pneuma requires going to bed with the sword hilt in hand. During the coma-like sleep that follows, you must defeat the spirits that reside within, in a battle inside your mind.

Pneuma, the Ghastly Sabre

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