Rimeshield, the Frozen Cuirass

This heavy armor made of magically enchanted ice never melts


Rimeshield is a suit of +1 heavy armor, with the following properties:

+1 AC

You gain resistance 12+ to attacks targeting Physical Defence or Mental Defence

You gain immunity to all mundane cold, and resist 16+ against magical cold attacks.

Quirk: You act coldly towards others, and your veins glow an icy blue.


Rimeshield is a suit of magical plate armor, forged at the heart of a manifest zone of Risia, the Plane of Ice. It is made from magical unmelting ice as hard as steel, and appears bluish and translucent, with white frost always accumulating on it. The Wayfinder foundation sought it out several times, to no avail.

To attune to Rimeshield, one must “Take ice into his heart”

Durin Ironbeard attuned to this item by stabbing himself in the hand with an icicle and letting the cold flow through his blood into his heart, during session 2: Fortress of the Ice Dwarves

Rimeshield, the Frozen Cuirass

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