Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry

Blocky black magical text scrolls across this matte white ring


The Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry is a Champion tier magic ring with the following property

(Daily) You can cast any spell from any class of your level or lower, by filling out the correct form. Filling out the form takes one standard action, and a second standard action casts the spell.

If you have the Ritual Casting feature, the Ring’s power can be used for a ritual, and grants a +2 bonus on the ritual check.

Quirk: you speak legalese "Upon reading of paragraph 3, segment 1 of the Ring’s properties (hereafter called “QUIRK”), it has been determined that the player character attuned to the ring (hereafter called “WIELDER”) shall speak in a precise, court-admissible fashion."

Source: thievesguild.cc


The ring is a sort of… manifestation of pure order. Some claim it come from Daanvi, the Perfect Order. Others that it was created by House Sivis wordsmiths.

Attunement: One can attune to the Ring by filling out the labyrinthine attunement request form that appears when one puts on the ring. Doing so takes a full day.

The undersigned (initial:___), hereafter referred to as the CASTER, hereby requests that the following extraphysical effect, hereafter referred to as the SPELL, be manifested upon a number of listed beings and objects, hereafter referred to as TARGETS.

Spell Name:_____________________________________

Page in Book of Spells:_________________

Date (Galifar Calendar):_____________________

Reason for casting spell:_________________________

Spell School(circle one): *Abjuration Conjuration Divination Enchantment Evocation Illusion Necromancy Transmutation *

Usage (circle one): Personal use or Business use or *Other*_______________

Target(s)_________ _________ ___________ __________ N/A

CASTER Signature:_________________

Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry

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