Wingmarshal's Ring

This ring feels so light in your hand, you're afraid it might just float away.


Chakra: ring

(Daily) you can cast Featherfall, just like the 1st level wizard spell.

In addition, you gain a +2 bonus to any check involving jumping.

Quirk: “I can jump that far.” You greatly overestimate your athletic ability, especially your ability to clear gaps. The ring’s boost to your jumping ability feeds this delusion, but the protective power mitigates its consequences.


These vermilion rings are often decorated with a wing or feather motif, and feel incredibly light in one’s hand. It is said that one can only be made from an angel’s feather, given in gratitude.

Attuning to a Ring of Featherfall requires one to “Take a leap of faith”

Wingmarshal's Ring

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