Rings of Brotherhood

Both these gold rings bear the inscription "Brotherhood above all else"


These are two magic rings

Chakra: ring

The wielder of the other ring is considered your Brother.

You can make background checks as though you had the “Always got your back” background at a +4 bonus, which applies to any check to get your Brother out of a jam. Catching his hand before he falls into a chasm, negotiating with a guard to make bail for him, etc.

(recharge 6+) when you hit an enemy engaged with your Brother, deal an additional 5 damage.

If your Brother should die, be captured, hurled to another plane, etc, the Ring you wear will become cursed, because you Didn’t Have His Back. You gain the “Can’t be trusted” negative background at a -4 penalty.

Quirk: You and your Brother begin to talk in secret codes, in jokes, and empathic gestures that others cannot understand.


The Rings must be clanged together each day for their magic to manifest, and they prefer this to be in the form of a fist-bump. These rings were not forged or made, they simply manifest as the embodiment of brotherhood itself.

The rings will attune only to two “True Brothers”. The two wielders need not be biological brothers, being “blood brothers” or “true companions” will often satisfy the rings if both possess the level of friendship and trust to warrant the term “Brother”. Often a ritual exchange of blood or swearing of a “Broath” is necessary.

Rings of Brotherhood

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