Sanguineous Tome

This ancient tome is written on elven skin and bound thick leather that is probably giant or some other humanoid. The text is written in bright red blood, it's color and moisture haven't faded, despite it's age.


Chakra: Tome

You can make background checks as though you had the “Cultist of the Blood of Vol” background at a +5 bonus

+1 to attack rolls and damage rolls with Necromancy abilities. If the spell creates a creature, that creature enters with +4 hitpoints.


The text details aspects of the faiths of the ancient giants as well as ancient elves, both of which directly influenced the current faith of the Blood of Vol. While the book is indestructible (much to the dismay of dragons), it does not have any immediate effect.

To attune to the Tome, one must be fluent in giant, drow, and elven, and spend six days reading it.

It is also rumored that methods of creating undead that have not been seen on Eberron in ages also exist within the fleshy pages, but that is unconfirmed.

Sanguineous Tome

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