Sankarix, Ring of the Blood Drake

This red ring bursts with the magic of blood


Sankarix is a magic ring that provides the following benefits:

(recharge 6+) When you use this ring, heal using a recovery as a quick action.

You have control of any leaches, ticks, mosquitoes, and other blood-feeding animals within 30 feet of you. They obey you to the best of their ability, but do not become supernatural in any way. You do not see through their eyes, but do sense when they are hurt or killed, their basic drives (such as sensing a potential host nearby), and know their location relative to yourself. You can sense any blood feeding monsters (such as vampires) within 30 feet, but do not have control over them, though they may react more positively to you.

Quirk: odd fascination with blood, and a curiosity toward blood magic.


This black-iron band is inset with what looks like ever-flowing blood, circulating about it. Among other items, a member of the Arms of the Crimson Prince. Legends tell of a great and terrible dragon, skilled in blood magic, who once was associated with the Crimson Prince.

Attuning to Sankarix requires one feed it the “blood of a nation”

Sankarix, Ring of the Blood Drake

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