Skald's Song

The words and notes of a beautiful ballad of love triumphing are engraved in tiny script along this sword's blade.

weapon (melee)

Short sword or long sword.

Chakra: melee weapon

You may add this weapon’s bonus to any Bardic song roll you make.

Quirk: You love to sing. Even if your terrible, and even if you should be quiet.


There were two sisters who were renowned as the greatest swordsmiths in the kingdom. No matter who challenged them, none could make a finer sword.
One day, a wandering bard visited their home. He sang with a voice so beautiful that the gods wept to hear it, and both sisters fell deeply in lvoe with the kind and gallant skald.

Each of them set about making the most magnificent sword, so that they might win his love. But their bitter rivalry led them to make only dull and brittle blades.

Seeing their discord, the skald offered to take both of them as his brides. With their rivarly ended, together the sisters crafted this magnificent sword and named it Skald’s Song.

Skald's Song

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