This whip made of peppered braids of hair is made of constant spirals. You are drawn in, hypnotized by it.

weapon (melee)

Spiral draws you in. At rest the whip is its namesake, naturally coiling into its mesmeric pattern. Woven with braids of banshee hair, Spiral’s pull is to a place not fully known or readily grasped. Regardless of it’s origins, the whip draws its wielder into a narrow, more insular perspective. Trust only yourself, it whispers; move your mind towards the entropics whorls you can now see, the banshees sing.

Given time, Spiral’s wielder can draw those whorls to mind, and drawing those to mind can manifest them into the physical world. The spirals appear as spinning gales or hypnotic patterns floating in space.

You begin to see spirals everywhere and at a glance, for a spiral is one of the multiverse’s true shapes. But it is a shape that beckons introspective madness. It draws you in. You become connected and yet more vulnerable to the world. It takes more and more concentration to remember what you were before you started spinning. Eventually you stop concentrating and start spinning.

You end up inside. Of what, it cannot be told.

The staged curse
A staged curse has multiple curse levels, each level corresponding to an additional power. Wielding Spiral provides the wielder with the initial curse and power or property. To gain the additional properties, the wielder must take the associated curse. Once the curse is taken, it cannot be foregone until the player rids itself of the weapon.

Spiral, +2 Whip

  • Critical: The target is dazed for one round.
  • Curse: You take a -1 on saves against being dazed, stunned, or immobilized.
  • Power: You gain a +2 on Arcane background checks.
  • Curse II: -2 on background checks related to perception or interpersonal interaction. You can expend a recovery to get rid of this penalty for one round.
  • Power II: (Spend a recovery) Wind Spiral. Make a melee attack with Spiral. If you hit, choose one effect and apply it to the target: Ongoing 10 psychic damage (save ends), slide the target 4 squares, or the target is dazed and weakened (save ends both).
  • Curse III: Wielder becomes vulnerable to psychic and negative damage.
  • Power III: (Daily) Standard Action. Make an attack with Spiral vs. PD; on a hit, the target is confused (save ends).


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