Stonewall, the Guardian's Tower

A magic shield that seeks only to defend it's charge


Stonewall is a magic shield with the following benefits:

Chakra: shield

Like all shields (even non-magical ones), a +1 to AC

+4 hitpoints

Enemies engaged with you take a -1 attack penalty against your allies.

You know the rough location and emotional state of the ally you designate as your charge, as long as they are within 5 miles of you.

Quirk: overprotective of friends and allies


Stonewall is a large shield, and appears to be of excellent craftsmenship. It is engraved with asymbol depicting one person protecting another. Stonewall was created for the personal guards of the Kings of Galifar, and was used in that capacity until the death of King Jarot started the Last War. It’s bearer at the time was loyal to the Brelish heir, and it has since served the kings of Breland

At first it appears ordinary. If worn, it will suddenly awaken if you take a blow for a friend. You can designate any ally as your charge, but it cannot be changed. If that ally is killed while you are present, Stonewall will abandon you, becoming heavy as lead and unusable.

Stonewall, the Guardian's Tower

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