Stormglory, the Thunderstruck Rod

The magic wand courses with lightning, begging to be released


Stormglory is a +1 magic wand that provides the following benefits:

Chakra: weapon/implement

To-Hit Attack bonus: +1

Damage Bonus: +1

Any lightning or thunder element attack is instead made with a +2 bonus to attack rolls and damage.

Any lightning or thunder element attack that can hit multiple targets hits one additional target.

Single target lightning or thunder element attacks can hit 1d2 targets.

Quirk: Small, visible sparks course over you, especially when experiencing strong emotion.


Stormglory is a magic wand made of copper thread spun thin and wound tight, coated in a layer of silver. Legend holds that the Lyrandar Firstborn, the very first of the Koravar race to manifest the Mark of Storm, wielded this legendary weapon. It always finds its way to the most worthy sparkmage, though not always to a member of the House of Storm.

To attune to Stormglory, one must be struck by lightning and survive.

Stormglory, the Thunderstruck Rod

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