Suun, Swordbelt of 1000 Cuts

The spirit of a long-dead tactical genius resides in this belt


Suun is a +1 magic belt with the following benefits:

Chakra: belt

+1 total number of recoveries

+1 to miss damage

You can consult Suun on matters of warfare, battle tactics, strategy, etc. It answers honestly and to the best of its knowledge.

Quirk: insistent that your plan is always best. Sensible, since Suun talks battle tactics with you.


Suun was once a gifted battlefield commander in the early days of the last war, one of the first to recognize Karrnath was losing the battle of attrition. He sustained a crippling wound in battle and was unable to continue. He was the first to accept a form of immortality promised by the Blood of Vol, and his spirit was bound to a swordbelt, that he might continue to practice strategy even after his impending death.

Suun will attune to an underdog in dire straits, or can be actively attuned to by beating someone in a tactical game, such as chess.

Suun, Swordbelt of 1000 Cuts

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