Tanithar's Titanvoice Trumpet

This tiny magic horn charm empowers your voice

musical instrument

The Titanvoice Trumpet is a heroic tier magic item

Chakra: none (wondrous item)

You can amplify your voice to any volume, able to speak to an entire city or stadium with ease.

You gain resist 18+ to sonic/thunder attacks, and cannot be deafened.

Quirk: you develop a “silence allergy”


The Titanvoice Trupet is a small calling horn, about the size of a fist, suspended from a piece of leather cord. Thirteen different music not charms dangle from the cord, evenly spaced. Legend has it that Tanithar traveled all the 13 planes, sampling the sound of each one, capturing them and enchanting this horn with their essence. The deafening roar of Kythri, the cold silence of Risia, the tranquil song of Syrania, even fragments of the un-sound of Xoriat.

Attuning to the trumpet requres one to “break a long silence”

Tanithar's Titanvoice Trumpet

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