Tanithar's Tragic Twist

This simple piece of twisted metal has the power to warp the narrative of the universe.


The Tragic Twist is an Epic tier magic item with the follwoing properties:

Chakra: none (wondrous item)

Once per level, you can alter the storyline in a profound way. However, toying with reality has consequences. Rewriting reality to suit one wish, countless other threads of space and time must be pulled and cajouled into position. the world outside may not be the one you left.

Quirk: you want to use the Twist to solve your problems.


The Tragic Twist was not created by Tanithar, but he was the last to have possessed it. It is an artifact from outside the planes, from beyond space and time, of a power that both gods and mortals want and fear. It is a simple strip of black metal, twisted three times.

Tanithar's Tragic Twist

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