Tanithar's Transmogrifying Talisman

A shape-changing amulet powered only by creative energy


The Talisman is a champion-tier necklace with the following properties:

+2 to saving throws when you have 20 hp or less

once per full healup, you can transform into any creature (animal or magical beast) of your level or lower, gaining its abilities, for the duration of one battle. You cannot assume the form of a particular individual, only an example of the species. This requires you to compose an original poem (preferably a limerick) having something to do with the transformation desired. No poem can be used twice, the amulet feeds off your creative energies.

Quirk: Your flesh seems to bubble and warp, just a little, eager to take new forms.


The Talisman appears as a necklace with the thirteen beasts of the dragonmarked houses’ sigils dangling from it. Each has a short poem written on the backside in the Supernal language. Tanithar traveled the the planes, sampling the creative energies of the people there. He crafted this amulet from thirteen beasts and the legends that they spawned.

Attuning to the Talisman requires composing a poetic passage about your own heroic deeds.

Tanithar's Transmogrifying Talisman

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