The Coat of Eyes

Living, blinking eyes are all over this leather armor


The Coat of Eyes is a +2 magic armor with the following benefits:

+2 to AC

Chakra: Armor

The Coat of Eyes can become any weight of armor (robe, light, heavy) if given a day to adjust. Hard, chitinous plates will grow overnight to make the armor heavier, or slough off to become lighter.

You can ignore any visual impairment or effect, such as blindness, darkness, “flashbang” things or visual illusions. Mind-effecting powers will work normally.

You can make skill checks as though you have the “Servant of the Lord of Eyes” background, at a +5 bonus. Some trappings are Daelkyr lore, vision-based perception checks, and eye anatomy/medicine.

Quirk: visual curiosity. “See all that can be seen. Show me what lies beyond, my host”


The Coat of Eyes is a symbiotic suit of armor created by the Daelkyr lord Belashyrra, Lord of Eyes. The Lord of Eyes seeks to know all and see all, and some say can see through the eyes of any creature with eyes. Whether or not that is true, it definately sees through yours, if you put it on. The Coat of Eyes is a living thing, a symbiont, that attaches to your flesh like a beneficial parasite, feeding on your blood and mental energy, and providing its powers to help its host. The Coat of Eyes hates to be covered or hidden, since then it can’t see. Attempting to cover it with clothes, etc will have serious repercussions.

Attuning to the Coat of Eyes requires one to simply put it on, and accept the fleshy tenrils that attach into your body. Doing so lets it drink a pint of your blood, and you will lose a recovery until your next healup.

The Coat of Eyes

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