The Screaming Maiden

weapon (melee)

This mace of unknown origin and is both beautiful but cruel in it’s construction. The mace head is the body of a beautiful elven maiden and the handle is wrought with copper with an ivory grip. This mace is very heavily enchanted and it feels warm and heavy when held, there is a throbbing almost like a heart beat running throughout the weapon. when used in combat the maiden’s mouth opens showing a fanged maw and lets rip an unearthly scream that causes one’s very soul to shiver. The fang lined maw closes around it’s victim and a thick black poison which is secreated from the base of each tooth is injected into the blood stream of the victim making for a hideously painful death.

The Screaming Maiden

Mace of Mighty Stunning

Daily: on an even hit, the target takes ongoing 5 poison damage, save ends.

Quirk: Make them suffer.


The Screaming Maiden

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