The Silver Skull

This tiny silver skull has power over undeath


the Silver Skull is a wondrous item with the following properties:

Chakra: none (wondrous item)

You can instantly destroy any undead creature by speaking its full name backwards. You must know their full, correct name, including titles, Jr., etc.

Once per day, you can any bring inanimate object to life by giving it a Name, animating it in a similar fashion to “Beauty and the Beast”. The animated object can speak and move, and will have a personality, determined by the Name you give to it.

Quirk: light and shadow behave oddly around you.


The Silver Skull has no name, no epithet, no story and no needs. A magical inquiry reveals that it is saturated with the energies of both Mabar, the Endless Night and Irian, the Eternal Day. The Blood of Vol, the Undying Court, and others all have reason to want and fear this deceptively powerful item.

No special effort is required to Attune to the Silver Skull, but using it requires some knowledge of True Names.

The Silver Skull

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