Creatures of Eberron

Here are some of the unique creatures encountered over the course of the game.

Joker Fish-Abberant dolphin-like monsters

Cephalos Broodqueen- a four-eyed giant squid that can produce a swarm of jellyfish-like stinging spawn

Lightning Manta – A large, gliding ray that can produce potent magical lightning

Ontang – A six-legged elk native to the Frostfell

Glitter Glire – A small marsupial that loves coins

Mycohound – A dog-like ambulatory fungus

Sporefeather Heron – A flightless swamp bird that can emit a cloud of blinding spores

Ooq A small feline with three tails, each tipped in a glowing orb

Unique Creatures

These are one-of-a-kind, unique beings that enhabit the world.

Hookgullet A giant catfish creature said to take vengeance on greedy fishermen.



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