Icons of Eberron

These are the owerful people and organizations that the players can expect to see actively helping or resisting them during the story. They might adjust as the story develops.

House Kundarak (Dwarven Banking guild)
The Lord of Blades (Xenocidal Warforged warlord based in the Mournlands)
The Cults of the Dragon Below (worship the Lords of Dust or Daelkyr)
House Orien (Transportation Guild, land travel and teleportation)
House Lyrandar (Weather-control Guild, air travel and sea travel, )
King Boranel (Rules Breland with a parliament )
High Druid Oalian (Tree-folk leader of the Eldeen Reaches)
King Kaius (Dictator of Karrnath)
High Warlord Haruuc (Hobgoblin leader in Darguun)
Keeper of the Flame (Jaela Daran, theocratic government of Thrane)
Daughters of Sora Kell (three Hags who rule the monster nation of Droam)
House Denith (mercenaries and bodyguards guild)
Undying Court (elven government in Aernal and Valenar)

Not Icons

A list of Icon-worthy, but not chosen as icons for this campaign. Still significant in the world, but not central characters/groups in the story

House Cannith (the tinkers/manufacturing guild, greatly weakened as they lost their base of operations and leadership during the Mourning. currently undergoing a three-way power struggle)

The Chamber (order of dragons that pull strings behind the scenes

The Loremaster (leaders of Zilargo, from library of Korranberg)



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