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Artifacts of Eberron

Eberron is a world where magic is commonplace. Magewrights maintain the magical streetlamp systems, Warforged walk about, Elemental airships move through the sky. However, these are simply pieces of technology that make use of magic, not “True Magic Items”. True magic items are rare and unique, and affect their user, bonding to their very soul. True magic items are like minor artifacts in other D&D games, and can be found in the Items tab .

Warforged components, while mass produced, still take up physical room on one’s body and are physically a part of you, so they still use up a chakra.

Item Sets

Some items are connected, their fates entwined, like a family, in a way. The possessor of one is often motivated to seek out the others.

Arms of the Crimson Prince

Arms of Empty Night

Minor Magic Items

Eberron does have a number of small, minor wondrous items as well. One can get “ordinary” magic weapons or armor, but they will only have the default bonus, they will not have any cool powers or quirks. Champion and Epic weapons do not exist as “vanilla” versions.

Bags of Holding are manufactured using House Orien portal technology, and are merely bags connected to secure vaults of House Kundarak

Basket of Cornucopia Contain small House Orien portals that are linked to food stores maintained by House Ghallandra.

Sunrods – These are merely flame-less torches, powered instead by a mildly enchanted stone. They burn out

Cannith Gladius, a +1 sword that is manufactured by the house of Making.

List of Silly Magic Items – a collection of minor magical novelties

Magic Items

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