Ruben Aurumton's Apparatus

This arcane contraption makes incredibly unlikely sequences of events happen


Wondrous Item , heroic tier

Improbability Distortion (Daily): You can make one very specific sequence of linked, unlikely events happen to produce a desired effect, like a Rube Goldberg machine. The sequence should contain no less than seven events. Longer sequences of events should be rewarded with stronger effects.

For example, a small gust of wind pushes a tree branch out of the way, which lets sunlight light stream in through the canopy, which bounces off the paladin’s shield into a bandit archer’s eyes, blinding him and causing his shot to go astray, which happens to hit a goose overhead, which falls onto a log seesawed on a rock, launching a squirrel into the air which happens to land on the lever which lets out the prisoners, which was inaccessible to the heroes.

Quirk: You are inclined to do simple tasks in complicated ways.

Attunement: To attune to the Apparatus, one must “knock down the first domino”


Ruben Aurumton was an artificer of great skill. This arcane contraption appears as a sphere roughly the size of a fist. Peering within reveals innumerable tiny mechanisms and magical dots of energy. It combines the magic of luck, small telekinesis and short-term prescience to make nearly any sequence of possible evens happen.

Ruben Aurumton's Apparatus

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