Raw Materials


My favorite sentient weapon in a game I’ve made was Veldevus, the magic enchanted shortsword that appeared to be a gorgeous work of art, lovingly molded out of a single piece of gorgeous metal.
Little did my players know, the moment that they touched it, Veldevus began to ramble on about his conquests, like being Archmage of the universe, claiming to have slept with every female who caught his eyes since he was a a lad, being a ruler of a small kingdom , discovering fire, to name a few. To say he made up a few white leis was an understatement, and every time he came to close to being put away he began to quiver in his proverbial boots.
He was also heavily magical, making not using him hard, with a lesser geass spell, his ability to detect scrying, and a minds eye spell, he was extremely useful to the party. The trick was Veldevus himself had to use the spells, and sometiems jsut didn’t feel like it, and he certainly had his own agenda. Not to mention that despite his shortsword looks, the moment he touched blood Veldevus went from a desperado-intellectual habitual liar wizard of some sort, to a snarling screaming, flesh like broadsword that warped and writhed, and tore through flesh instead of cutting it. And of course after a battle he heartily ignored every reference to the combat, stating “It was all an illusion.”

Items named after characters https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zY6nPQJ6FR2dn02YcXvH7D5m1-nd44SWj4bLdlgyG5Q/edit

1. Increases intellect but erodes judgement
2. Induces hypnotic state of suggestibility
3. Bestows the gift of intense paranoia
4. Nullifies emotions
5. Compels owner to seek deepest recesses of the earth
6. Instills unquenchable gem-fever
7. Fans the flames of hatred and bigotry
8. Heightens mood to euphoria and beyond
9. Suppressed urges spectacularly released
10. Eradicates all sense of purpose
11. Imparts (additional) delusions of grandeur
12. Focuses consciousness entirely upon inevitable doom

1. Hronar’s Holy Brand: non-lethally embedded in demon lord
2. Chimera’s Bane: at bottom of subterranean lake
3. Axmeek’s Silver Avenger: lost in the Entropy Pits
4. Weirdblade: presumed eaten by serpent-dragon
5. Hrotha’s Toothpick: favorite piece of loot in Frost Giant Treasury
6. The Crimson Khopesh of Aantroch: enshrined in distant temple
7. Urgontha, the Hammer of Chaos: in explosive caldera
8. Arbiter, Lawbringer of the Balance: beneath base of pyramid
9. The Great Divider: stuck in mountain’s peak, constantly struck by lightning
10. Cleaver of Lies: entombed w/ revered ancient king
11. The Hairsplitter: on mantle at big city lawyer’s club
12. The Sword of Form and Essence: in the Philosopher’s Cave

1. Mail composed of living steel shelled crabs: gift of the sea gods, crabs lock together, shifting position on host to repel blows collectively
2. Bound stone elemental exo-skeleton: enhances strength, endurance, weighs a literal ton
3. Cloak of rat skulls: loaded with weaponry-warding fetish magic, usable by sorcerers
4. Black pudding jump suit: subspecies bred by perfectly sensible sorcerer, burns like hell going on, but once attuned to wearer provides protection from attacks, damages enemy weapons, proof against cold
5. Suit of mail crafted from the 100 magic spear points that pierced the first dragon: superior protection but dragons attack wearer on sight
6. Magic lacquer derived from titan bone marrow must be applied to skin in no fewer than 100 layers, remains flexible but many times stronger than steel, completely transparent
7. Symbiotic briers: thorns penetrate the host, drawing forth nourishment, thick vines wrap limbs/torso, poisonous thorns extend outward
8. Chest plate and greaves sculpted from the fossilized bones of extinct antediluvian reptile, boosts strength and resentment for all that still lives
9. Birny of scales from the wise trout of the great river: enhances intellect, charm, allows wearer to swim with piscine speed and agility
10. Multiple full-body dips in the rendered wax of the moon-bee (with artful sculpting around joints) offers ablative armor, simulates low gravity leaping and loping
11. Scale armor made of chrome leaves of the Cosmic Shrub offer superb protection until autumn when they rust and slough off
12. Mail fashioned of ringlets of angel hair: turns the swords of those of ill intent, radiates light, constricts painfully should wearer attempt an evil act

Magic Items from my 13th Age Campaign, so far.
The Knife of Thankless Deeds
(1 Dagger)
This dagger is old, battered and stained with blood. You wouldn’t look once at it, let alone twice. When you hold it, though, it feels oddly comfortable. Right. Like it was made to fit your hand, or no… you were made to fit it.
It’s a +1 dagger (
1 to hit, +1 to damage), with a special enchantment. If you kill someone with it (strike the killing blow), then both you and the corpse become temporarily invisible. Your invisibility lasts 1d6 rounds or until you attack again; their invisibility lasts 24 hours.
Or technically, until they attack again, but that’s unlikely to happen. Unless they’re raised as zombies or something.
Quirk: Cannot say the word ‘kill’ or any of its synonyms out loud.


Raw Materials

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